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Updated March 15, 2022

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Item: MIR239-33
SKU: MIR239-33
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For additional information or inquiries regarding this print contact your salesperson. Attach image to an email message for quick response. All prints are subject to prior sale. Every effort is made to update website. There are some prints which the engraving no longer exists.

Please confirm with your salesperson availability of reordering from stock and if engraving exists for future orders prior to finalizing your order. Your salesperson will be pleased to process your order in a timely manner.

All of these Designs can be beautifully printed onto your fabric choice. 100% Polyester Fabrics along with Polyester/Lycra Fabrics print the very best. Woven and Knitted fabrics print equally well. Please test your fabric selection prior to use. Fabric width will vary with base cloth.

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